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Clean-Jet Fuel Adaptors

For Combustion Turbines

Reduces Maintenance Time by 40%

Dismantled Clean-jet


Holmes Tool & Engineering (HT) Clean-jet technology for combustion turbine liquid (diesel) fuel adaptors provides consistent combustion performance and, compared to OEM designs, reduces maintenance time by 40%. HTE developed the Clean-jet Fuel adaptor and nozzle in response to concerns and questions from Maintenance and Operations Personnel in the utility industry.

One type of OEM adaptor (candlestick) consists of an inner & outer barrel that are welded together to produce a one-piece body to which a two-piece atomizer nozzle tip and cap is attached. The annulus between the two barrels typically clogs with carbon and progressively blocks or restricts the atomizing air, resulting in degradation of performance of the CTís, or in the case of dual fuel units, limits the CT to operate on gas only. To facilitate cleaning/changing the adaptor, the CT has to be taken off-line, resulting in a loss of valuable electrical energy production revenues.

Prior to the introduction of Clean-jet technology, some facilities had to soak the candlesticks for up to 8 hours before attempting to clean the annulus with various probes and wires. Even then, it was difficult to thoroughly clean the small passages, and any carbon residue would adversely affect the CTís performance. In addition, the adaptor used a two-pieced atomizer that needed to be lapped to prevent leaks, a tedious task. The servicing of each adaptor assembly would take up to 2-1/2 man-hours.

HTE has been a manufacturer of combustion components and assemblies, serving the Utility, Industrial and Marine industries since 1978. In 1997, a utility client of HTE outlined problems being experienced with the OEM designed adaptor. HTE engineers and machinists worked on an improved design. The objective was to provide a replacement candlestick including atomizer that could be easily disassembled, cleaned and serviced. The overall integrity of the original OEM design was to be preserved to insure that no change in combustion characteristics or fuel throughput would result. The Clean-jet adaptor is designed to be used with OEM tapered nozzle tip and cap, or get more reliable performance with Clean-jet one-piece atomizer. Holmes Tool and Engineering can also remanufacture the customerís one-piece adaptor bodies to produce the improved two-piece design.

Assembled Clean-jet


The Clean-jet adaptors for Westinghouse CTís were developed in 1998. The body consists of separate inner and outer barrels that bolt together. There is a one-piece atomizer that never needs to be lapped. In comparison to the OEM candlestick, the time required for thoroughly servicing the Clean-jet unit has been reduced 40% and the procedure is easy and simple. The Clean-jet fuel adaptor was first installed in a Westinghouse Combustion Turbine in 1999 and has been operating satisfactorily since. Because the Clean-jet adaptor assembly can be thoroughly cleaned, our customers report that their CTís operate reliably for longer periods with no unscheduled shutdowns related to fouled adaptors, resulting in substantial savings in lost energy production time. Since the original retrofit, the customer has upgraded additional CTís. Other customers have installed Clean-jet adaptors on various types of OEM combustion turbines; they too are enjoying the benefits.

Contact Dave at Holmes Tool today to join our customers enjoying the benefits of Clean-jet technology.

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