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Holmes Tool & Engineering, Inc.
1019 N. Waukesha St
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Bonifay, FL 32425
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Holmes Tool & Engineering, Inc. (HTE) started on January 1, 1978. Our objective was and still is to produce quality parts within our capabilities at a reasonable price and timely delivery. HTE is located in the Panhandle of Florida, 50 miles north of Panama City Beach.

HTE's machine and fabrication shops occupy over 20,000 square feet. The facility produces high precision machined parts and fabricated components from a wide variety of metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel, brass aluminum, bronze and exotic alloys, in addition to plastics such as PVC, Nylon, and Teflon.

HTE Exclusive

Clean-jet Fuel Nozzle

Available exclusively from HTE, the Clean-jet Combustion Turbine Fuel Nozzle reduces provides improved performance and reduces maintenance time by 40%.

HTE Products

At HTE, our primary focus is producing the highest quality products for the power generating industry. Our expertise additionally extends to manufacturing an array of tooling and components for the fabric, automotive, electronic and other industries. HTE utilizes the advanced features and CAD and CNC software to produce precision replacement parts for industry. Unique to HTE is the engineering capabilities to redesign a part or assembly  to improve its function, life or reliability.